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Lucien J. Gauff, III

Capital Area Legal Services

Department of Social Services

Louisiana State Bar Association

Louisiana Supreme Court

Parish Government
Natalie Robottom, President

Parish School Board
Kevin R. George, Superintendent

Child Advocacy Services (CASA)
Stacy Ashmore, Advocate Supervisor, LaPlace Regional Office
Akeem Burl, Family Services Coordinator
Marcy Willett, Clinical Services Coordinator


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LSU AgCenter

Some individuals are referred or court ordered to attend Parenting classes, Children in the Middle classes, or Anger Management classes which are given here.  To pre-register, please contact Cynthia Clifton at the phone number below.

Contact:     Cooperative Extension Service
                  St. John Parish
                  151 East 3rd Street
                  P.O. Box 250
                  Edgard, LA 70049
                  Phone: 985-497-3261
                  Fax: 985-497-3409

Harold Keller

Mr. Keller provides the Driver Improvement and Substance Abuse Classes in St. John Parish. 
Contact:     Get High on Life, Inc.
                  Harold Keller
                  P.O. Box Drawer U
                  Reserve, LA 70068
                  (985) 652-8477


Protective Orders

Protective Order forms can be obtained from the Clerk’ s Office. Please consider the time when planning to pick up these forms and fill them out. It usually takes thirty minutes to an hour to complete the forms, the case must be allotted to a division, a judge must sign the order, and the courthouse closes for business at 4:30 pm. Visit for Louisiana Protective Order Registry (LPOR) information.

Property Bonds

When a judge signs a property bond the judge certifies to the sheriff’ s office accepting the bond that the property is of sufficient value to justify a bond in the amount stated. The judge takes responsibility for approving that there is enough equity in the property, that the property is free and clear of encumbrances up to the amount of the bond, and that the sheriff can accept the bond and rely on the information provided by the judge.

Basic Documentation:
The following documents are necessary to obtain a property bond:

  • Assessor’s Certificate of Assessment - States the value of the property; and

  • Mortgage Certificate from Clerk of Court - Determines the equity in the property but subtracting all encumbrances (mortgages, judgments, liens) on the property from the assessed value; and

  • Photo identification of titled owners - Proves that the person appearing before the judge is in fact the person named as owner

Additional Documentation:

Sometimes the relatives of a deceased property owner attempt to obtain a property bond and are refused the bond because additional documentation is necessary. If a Succession has not been opened, the following documents are necessary:

  • Notarized Affidavit of Death and Heirship
    A person with personal knowledge of the family attests to the names of the heirs who inherit the property from the deceased; and
  • Notarized Affidavit of Consent
    The heirs attest that they consent to having their shares in the property being encumbered by the bond and grant permission to a designated person to obtain the bond on behalf of the person incarcerated (must be named) for a specific charge (must be named), good for one time only.

    Please be aware that if the person on whose behalf the bond is obtained fails to make court appearances, the bond may be forfeited and the property seized.