Speciality Courts

Drug Court

Judge Madeline Jasmine established the 40th JDC Drug Court in October 2000. The mission of St. John the Baptist Parish Drug Court is to stop the proliferation of chemical and or alcohol abuse and drug related criminal activity by utilizing a multidisciplinary team approach, to enhance client recovery through a constructive and innovative treatment/supervision and holistic health approach, to further assist and encourage clients to continue their rehabilitative recovery process to become productive parents, spouses and responsible family members, and to ultimately assimilate the client back into society as a productive and drug free citizen.

The program is a post-plea program available to residents of St. John the Baptist Parish, who have been convicted of drug or drug related offenses. It is not available to persons convicted of violent offenses. The clients are primarily first or second time offenders who have first been approved by the District Attorney and accepted by the treatment providers as eligible for participation.

Venue - Edgard Courthouse

Drug Court Office- 104 Ormond
Suite B
LaPlace, LA

Date / Time - Generally, every Thursday at 2:00 p.m. or according to the Division A schedule


  • Judge
  • Program Director
  • Clinical Director
  • Assistant District Attorney
  • Public Defender
  • Community Supervision Officer
  • Treatment Providers
  • Administrative Personnel
  • Court Reporter
  • Bailiff
  • Clients

Judge Madeline Jasmine is Presiding Judge of Drug Court


Truancy Court

Considering the continuing and increasing problem of truancy, the court has determined that a formal Truancy Court is necessary to address the issue of truancy. The 40th JDC Truancy Court was established in 2006, in cooperation with public school personnel. All adult misdemeanor offenses and contempt offenses arising out of Truancy Court are also heard in conjunction with Truancy Court. In keeping with judicial best practices, the court decided that the “one judge-one family” best practice was necessary for consistency and effectiveness and therefore applicable to Truancy Court. All truancy and truancy-related matters are allotted to Division B.

Venue - Courthouse, Edgard
Date/Time - Generally, first Tuesday of month (except July); 1:00 pm
According to Div. B Juvenile Court schedule (See Div. B criminal schedule)


  • Court Personnel
    • Judge
    • FINS Coordinator
    • Probation Officer(s)
    • Assistant District Attorney
  • School Personnel
    • CWA
  • Truant
  • Parent/Guardian
    • Failure to appear results in formal contempt of court proceedings, attachment and/or bench warrant

Formal Hearing

Preadjudication FINS Truancy
Adjudication of FINS
$250 Fine/Daily Fine and 10-day jail Penalty imposed/suspended
Conditions of Probation imposed
Review every month thereafter as necessary, subject to compliance

Judge E. Jeffrey Perilloux is Presiding Judge of Truancy Court.